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Introducing Blogging Masters Program My Ultra Advance Blogging Program

Tested and proven system to make money online even if you don't have anything to sell but still you can promote other people products as an affiliate.

Hi I’m Amit Mishra

A Pro Blogger, Youtuber, Speaker, Affiliate Marketer, Consultant & Entrepreneur. I’ve doing blogging from 6+ Years. 

I run 8 niche blogs in different niches and making more than 5 figures every single month from my blogs only. I have multiple revenue sources.

You can read more about me here | blog

Blogging Masters Program is an Advanced Live Program which i will be hosting live 1 on 1 interaction program.

Our Mission:

To help you generate unstoppable passive income stream as an affiliate marketer

"Why Funnel Agency, Gusten?"

You know earnings money is not difficult, difficult is the strategies and techniques which most people don’t know how to do, how to implement & execute.

After struggling for more than 3 years now i have strategies, tactics & frameworks which is now helping me to make more than 5 figures every single month.

If you are struggling to grow your blog, don’t have organic traffic, not getting affiliate sales and not clear about vision? then you should definitely join our Blogging Masters ultimate step by step program.

WAIT...! But Who Should 
Not Join the Program?

  • If you are looking for quick money making scheme.
  • If you can’t dedicate at-least 12 months for your blogging business as blogging takes time.
  • If you want everything done for you and you don’t want to work only enjoy the perks.

Major Benefits of Blogging?

  • You can generate healthy income which can replace your daily 9 to 5 job.
  • If you work hard in your initial days will reward you high returns in long term.
  • ​Blogging became full time business now and if you are missing this opportunity you are loosing lot on the table.
  • ​There are more than 15+ ways through which you can earn money through your blog.
  • ​Gets You heavy returns which you can’t imagine.
  • ​Live Boss Free Life
  • ​Once You learn the strategies can be used through out your journey.

What will Happen
 If I fail In Blogging?

See there is not space for failing or loosing word in my dictionary however if in case you don’t want to continue your blog then you can easily sell your website at 30X to 40X times more and encash your site.

There are buyers out there looking for websites to buy and use their value for their existing projects.

Here's what you're going to get...

When you'll join Blogging Masters Program

Market Research

If you want to make money through your website then you have to choose a good market to sustain, choosing the wrong market will lead your site to fail

Your very first step should be choosing a perfect market for your blog, in our program, I will teach you how I do market research for my niche sites and you also can do the same...
(₹ 30,000/- Value)

Niche Research

Picking a perfect niche is a big headache and you can’t pick any niche and start your blog. You will fail if you don’t know which niche to choose and build your site on.

In this program, I will show you how to choose the perfect niche as per profitability and human psychology.
(₹ 10,000/- Value)

Keyword Research

One Keyword can change your financial image, yes I am not joking a perfect keyword can change your fortune forever. If you know how to pick the right keyword for the right audience and how to use it then you are a master! however picking up a keyword will not end the game, your execution perfectly will win the game.

I will teach you super advanced keyword research and how & where to execute.
(₹ 5000/- Value)

Technical Site Setup

Building a website with a domain name & hosting is not enough you have to configure it properly, I will show you exactly how and what you have to do.

If your land is not perfect your building will not sustain for long. Non-perfect websites lose their rankings in the longer run
(₹ 15,000/- Value)

Competitor Analysis

Your Competitor is the real gold mine for you and you should know how to use their strategies and tactics for more benefits.

You should know your competitors and their weak areas which I will show you the exact methods you can use to enjoy the perks. 
(₹ 35,000/- Value)

Website Structure

If you know how to build a perfect site structure then you can gain more rankings without depending on off-page SEO & link building, a site with a perfect site structure can beat your competition without having single links.

You will get to know proven tactics on how to build a site that ranks.
(₹ 15,000/- Value)

Content Creation

Only writing content and publishing will not help boost your bank balance, you have to be strategic. Your content will fail if you don’t know how to use it properly.

Creation of genuine content with content map will help you to achieve your goals, i will teach you everything you should know. 
(₹ 10,000/- Value)

Link Building

Yes, Link building is hard, and building with white hat SEO is even painful, however, you should know how to build perfect links for ranking high in Google.

If you build it wrong it backfires as well.

In the program i will show you my strategies of Link Building.
(₹ 15,000/- Value)

Affiliate Marketing

You can earn more than 10 times from your manager's salary yes it is possible with affiliate marketing, however, only then if you know the secrets behind that, you can make a hell lot of money with your site. I will cover how you can build a site that will make you financially free.
(₹25,000/-  Value)

Analytics & Tracking

I will teach you how to grow your blog traffic with the perfect use of your metrics for positive results. You should be proactively throwing lights on serious areas of attention.
(₹20,000/- Value)

OnPage & OffPage SEO

SEO is not the same as always however if you know secrets you can rank any article or website in search engines to earn more and I am earning from one of my single articles on my niche website every single month since February 2018. I will show you all the nitty gritty of Search Engine Optimization to rank high.
(₹ 30,000/- Value)

Bonus Session

You will be getting more value for what you are paying for. I can bet on this delivering more value is my main priority. On a timely basis, I will be conducting bonus sessions as per your need and demand.
(₹ 20,000/- Value)

Total Value:  230,000/- 

Let Me Break Down All The Awesome Stuff You’ll Get When You Join Today!

  • ​2 Premium WordPress Themes (Authority Pro & Academy Pro) (₹ 18,000 Value)
  • Lifetime Support  (PriceLess)
  • ​Extra Ways to Make Money (₹ 30,000 Value)
  • ​My Personal Mentorship (₹ 1,00,000 Value)

Total Value : ₹ 300,000

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.
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Be honest with yourself.
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The Blogging Masters Program

We have 99.9% super positive reviews from students who have enrolled in the program. Action takers are getting massive results and they are sharing their progress in our Private Whatsapp group for enrolled members.

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In this program you will learn each and everything you should know to build a profitable affiliate site, majorly our session will revolve around affiliate marketing and strategies

However, I want to clear this thing that blogging is not a scheme to get rich in a Night, to be very frank blogging takes time to evolve, you can not make authority site in a day or week or month, it takes time that’s why its a clean industry everyone cannot do blogging.

You have to devote at-least 12 months or more to get results, however i can say if you keep doing and executing which has been taught in sessions then after 12 months you can replace your job and you will be earning more than your expectations.

Any business takes time to evolve and get you results, treat blogging as your business and you have to invest time and smart work to get your ball rolling.

Please note If you don’t start early you are wasting your time and will regret later, so start today and enjoy perks later.

Still Have Some Questions?

Here're The Answers

How to Enroll In the Program?
You just need to click on the Enroll now button and after successful payment you will get confirmation email with Whatsapp, Facebook Group & Session joining link.
How Live Class Will Be Hosted?
Live class will be hosted on Zoom you will get notification on your email for future sessions. you can join Live session via zoom mobile app or on your laptop or desktop.
How much time will it take to Complete the Program?
Videos will be uploaded to our premium Facebook Group for Enrolled members only. We will conduct two sessions every week and after every session replay video will be uploaded to the premium Facebook group. Program will complete in two months with lifetime support.
Who can Join this Program?
Anyone who is struggling to earn money via internet and with affiliate marketing can join this program however if you are looking for quick money and not ready to work passionately should not enroll.
Do i get recorded sessions if in case i miss the live training?
Yes, you will get recorded sessions in Our Premium Facebook group. After every session we conduct a replay recording will be uploaded in FB group in next 24hrs. 
Which language will be used in Program? 
We will be using Hindi language majorly through out the program.

What You think Should be the Price of this Program?

If we compare the value and extra benefits i am providing then the cost of this program should be

Rs. 1,00,000

or i can charge Rs. 50000

I believe in over delivering and providing you maximum value which you will not get anywhere.

Looking at the value i also can charge Rs. 25000 which other marketers and digital marketing institutions are doing, However if you want to enroll today then i am providing you whole program with benefits in Just Rs.4999 Limited time offer.

After offer period ends you have to pay Rs.14999 for the enrollment.

Don’t miss the opportunity and again i am saying you won’t regret.
You can ping me on Whatsapp at +91-9370036105 (No Calls) to enquire about Blogging Masters Program 

Or You can click on right Whatsapp Chat icon and start chat.

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